The Plague Doctors Cure All

Guttural bass lines, skronking sax, freeform guitar riffs and tribal drums, improvised jazzmetal never sounded so dangerous, healthy, fresh and essential

Certainly one of the most positive things to come out of those peculiar pandemic years, The Plague Doctors Cure All was formed in 2021 by Welsh-based saxophonist and local music community champion Lyndon Owen. Their music eschews classification, taking from rock, metal, funk, gothic and jazz in a fully improvised set that will drag you in from the start and kick the hell out of any musical preconceptions you may have, with relentless energy, sounds and theatrical visuals rarely presented to a jazz audience.

Owen delivers an expressive palette of sounds on tenor and soprano sax and Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI). Distinctive Worcester bass virtuoso and proper gent Liam Lee-Hynes throws himself with irrepressible energy into the entire performance, with Will Cass spilling ‘Frippish’ guitar all over the place as Andy Goodall pulls it all back and forth between funky grooves, lyrical solos and solid thrashing on the drums.

This is a band with the potential to reach out beyond the usual jazz and improv demographic … although an improvising group the music of the Plague Doctors has a power and immediacy that should also appeal to adventurous rock listeners.” (The Jazz Mann)

Come down to have all your ailments cured in an evening of spectacularly original music!

Doors 8PM, Show starts 8:30PM